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What would a great web presence be without seamless integration of a dynamic social media?!


Not only will a business identity help you with your customers, it will get your name out there. You should be proud of everything that comes from your business.


At Koji Designs, we believe that users should have the same, awesome experience on their desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices.


Our team is here to work with you to come up with an Internet marketing strategy to increase your organic rank so your website traffic skyrockets and so do your sales!


While everyone loves taking the time to go out shopping and browse through different stores, sometimes shopping online can be a quick alternative. E-commerce websites allow you to keep up with online sales so you don’t lose out on an entire market of online shoppers.

  • Should your business sell products online?

  • Shopping needs to be easy

  • Consumers continue to spend more money online

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First impressions can never be taken back and they are essential when you are conducting business. Your logo can tell your customer everything they want to know about your business, so we are here to help you design a logo that conveys everything you want. A logo can make or break your business. Your logo is at the center of your marketing and all that you do to promote your business.

A businesses logo often becomes attached to its brand. When you hear a brand name, you often think of the company’s logo as well. Therefore, you want your logo to be recognizable as well as consistent. If you are constantly changing your logo then your customers might think your company has changed and you are no longer the same business as you were. Let us help you create a logo that captures the personality behind your business that will last your company for many years.

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People expect a “real” company to have printed sales literature. If they walk into your business and want printed material to take home and read then a brochure is exactly what you need. A brochure gives your business a personal touch, it can tell your customer what you can do for them and why they should buy from you. Although you can always direct them to your website, a brochure is tangible. If they happen to put your business in the back of their mind for a minute, that brochure is there to remind them why they stopped in your store in the first place.

Koji Designs would love to work with you to create an appealing, yet informative brochure that will have potential customers back in your store ready to do business with you. Our goal is to design a great layout and provide you with excellent content so your brochure sells your company. We also will make sure the design is cohesive with the rest of your business. Consistency is key and when a customer sees that brochure, we want them to automatically think of your business.

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Business Cards? That’s not a new marketing concept. Although the concept may not be new, our innovative designers create eye-catching business cards that are hard to put down. Most businesses these days have your typical business cards that blend in with everyone else’s. However, Koji Designs works with you to design a business card that showcases your personality as well as provides your contact information.

An effective business card can be a powerful part of your brand that engages the recipient and makes them want to learn more about your business. Our design team at Koji Designs loves creating business cards that intrigue the recipient and encourages them to contact you with questions they might have. Also, a paper business card is harder to forget, and it can continue to make an impact long after your initial introduction.

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Although everything seems to be moving online, print ads are still a viable marketing medium. Our design team at Koji Designs will create a print ad that is eye-catching as well as functional. We want to get your company’s name out there any way we can in order to drive up your sales.

Our team understands the goals of print advertising and knows that the very first goal of any print ad is to stop the reader. We want to capture their full attention so it is focused on your print ad and your print ad alone. Koji Designs does this by two ways: a compelling headline that will entice readers to want to know more and by a great graphic. Our design team doesn’t produce ordinary graphics or graphics that people would expect to see on a print ad. They create graphics that astound and amaze people drawing them into your print ad to see what it is all about. Human beings remember less than 10% of what they read. But more than 50% of what they see. Koji Designs uses this to our advantage when it comes to designing your print ad.

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Web Site Evaluation

We offer a free web site review and evaluation. This is a great opportunity for you to receive a professional opinion on how to improve the effectiveness of your current site. We review and report on:

  • Overall site organization
  • Home page
  • Page titles
  • Messaging
  • Content formatting
  • Professional image
  • Search engine friendliness

Our focus is on how you can improve your current site. We consider how you can increase the usability of your site, which enables people to find what they are looking for. We evaluate how clearly your message comes through. And what image you are portraying. We identify improvements that can be made for search engine friendliness.

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Successful websites and digital marketing campaigns are the product of thoughtful, long term strategies. Before we redesign, develop or launch any online project, we create a plan for success based on our experience and your needs.


We help our clients bring their businesses and ideas to fruition online. Many times, it’s not the business that needs an overhaul, just the website. The goal of a website redesign project is to refresh the look and feel of your brand, to bring your business up to date and to turn your prospects into real customers.




Redesigning a website or digital brand is only the first step of a long term strategy for increasing revenue. We develop intelligent and effective digital marketing strategies that will not only bring customers to your door, but help convert them to loyal




Communication is Everything. Website Redesign is on the cutting edge of interactive design. Every website is designed to look equally good on computers, tablets and phones. Ecommerce. Mobile Apps. Content Management System. Content Development

Clients & Testimonials

what our clients have to say about us

  • Koji Designs is fantastic and great to work with. They made a beautiful, smoothly operating website that I get comments on from pretty much everyone who sees it! They really listen to what you have in mind when coming up with your design, and are always around to answer questions. If you’re looking for high quality, friendly, custom web designers- Koji Designs is for you.

    Richard Anderson
  • Koji Designs is amazing to work with, unbelievable talent and worth every penny. You can supposedly get a “build-it-yourself” website up and running in 10 minutes for free, or try a godaddy site but if you want to DOMINATE the web, have the flexibility to change YOUR site when you want, their content management system is super easy to use. Save your time and money trying to use some sort of template site service because it’s most definitely true: you do get what you pay for. This is my third website for three of my companies that Ray and his amazing crew have done for me and I usually hit my break even point (cost of website returned in revenue) within six months. I highly recommend them across the board.

    Nicolas Blackriver
  • Koji Designs was very responsive to our needs. It was a pleasure to work with them. Because of their relaxed style, which made the process easy and fun, I was a little concerned whether they would also have what it takes to come through on all of the technical needs. And yet, they sure did, and, they were also creative and communicative and they stuck to the cost proposal initially given.

    James Richardson
  • ADORE AND APPLAUD. RAVE AND RECOMMEND. I adore and applaud the team at Koji Deisgns for creating such an amazing site for my doula practice (and a business card that is equally amazing). Although there are so many reasons to give praise, l will state just a few. First, Ray really listened to my hopes and expectations for the site during our first meeting. This was evident upon seeing the first mock up which included every detail I had envisioned. Second, Ray was very patient with me as I learned the skills needed to edit text and the like for my site. Third, Ray was always prompt with correspondence and completed the site within the agreed upon timeline. The only thing left to say is that I will rave about and recommend this talented group to anyone who is seeking a stellar experience in the industry. Koji Designs didn’t just build me a website, they helped me birth a life’s dream. For that, I am forever grateful.

    Tiffany Firebird
  • We are three ladies with very high expectations. Fully aware, Ray took on our project and listened carefully to our needs and aspirations for our site. “We want very professional but not quite corporate of a feel for our local restaurant,” we stated. “Can we get abstract and creative but still business like?” we asked. A little nervous with the results, we waited for the team to work their magic. The process was smooth and Koji Designs delivered a product that we couldn’t be more satisfied with. They incorporated all of the essentials and went above and beyond to build us a web site that we are proud to direct our customers to. Many thanks.

    Jennifer Greenfield
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